Whitney Woods 25 years

Eyeletting & Hand Finishing

Traditional Eyeletting and Finishing Techniques with Today's Service Levels

The skills required to complete quality eyeletting jobs and to perform many hand finishing functions haven't changed much over the years. However, the expectations and demands on the print industry have increased dramatically in the last few years. Whitney Woods has kept up with the pace of those demands. This is particularly so where it concerns our speciality – eyeletted discs.

Creating Information Discs and Wheel Charts by Brass or Nickel Eyeletting

We produce millions of discs each year for the print trade. Whether the job entails eyeletting just 1000 pairs of discs at the centre with either a brass or nickel eyelet or whether it is much more complicated and in much greater numbers we are well equipped to help you to meet the sometimes crazy deadlines of your customers. Eyeletting three discs is no problem, nor are parking discs which usually require gluing into a square sleeve after eyeletting. Size is not a problem, either. We have commissioned our eyeletting machines to be able to cope with discs of up to 18" in diameter!

With the capacity to turn round in the region of 50,000 eyeletted information discs per day, we are almost always in a position to satisfy even the most demanding of your customers – at least to maintain an in-stock situation.

Your Eyeletting Jobs will be treated with the Greatest Care including Packing and Shipping

All goods are packed in high quality corrugated cases and shipped via reputable carriers with good "trace and chase" services. If the discs are of a prestigious nature or for promotional use, they can be handled with "kid gloves". Interleaving on packing is one option that will safeguard from any scratches and indentations that may be caused by the raised rounded surface of the eyelets whilst the goods are in transit. Shipping to assorted addresses as is often required by print management companies is also not a problem.

Hand Finishing Functions Guaranteed High Quality Control Inspection By Long Service Staff

We are able to produce high quality hand finishing for just one reason. We have been doing it for a long time and so have our hand finishing and eyeletting staff! Our girls are used to checking for print faults such as "hickeys" and "dusting powder" under laminated surfaces as they handle your work piece by piece. Issues such as this will be flagged up to you if it proves to be a major issue, otherwise such items will be put to one side until we know what kind of impact it will have on your final quantity. Our own hand-finishing work is checked by a table supervisor at the time of production and also at the packing tables.

Quality Hand Finishing Comes at a Price

In order to guarantee high quality work we do not cut any corners, which means that we refuse to produce an hour's work in 20 minutes. That means that our hand finishing doesn't come cheap - one area in which we refuse to bend to today's demands. Producing shoddy work leads to arguments, reprints and financial difficulties. We have been in business since 1992 and we don't intend to go out of business as a result of becoming "busy fools".

Hand Finishing Jobs Requiring Care and Attention

Much of what we handle is print that is intended for promotional use and as such, your customer should want to present a good image. A typical example would be making up folders, collating inserts and filling the pockets. The assembly of promotional pieces is another. In both instances it is important that the right adhesive products are used for the job. The application of the adhesive and the bringing together and positioning of glue flaps is of paramount importance to the look and feel of the finished job. It is areas such as this where we score heavily. A direct marketing promotion that has been done "on the cheap" stands out a mile and gives a terrible impression. Shoddy work has a totally counter-productive end result and it is simply not worth sending out poor work just because it is cheap.

We believe that if a job is worth doing, then it's worth doing right.