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Eyelet Binding -Eyelets used as a tool for side binding
This is when two or more brass or nickel eyelets are used to bind at one edge as an alternative to side-stitching or side-stabbing. The book can be supplied pre-collated and drilled or we can handle those two processes for you.

What we need from you – die cutting, stripping out and all holes cleared
Each piece of your product must be supplied to us ready die-cut or trimmed to size and with holes for the eyelets. We require you to supply all pieces stripped from the sheet with waste cleared from all holes. If you don’t do it, we will have to charge you for this time consuming process. Each piece that is to be eyeletted must have a hole diameter of a size to accommodate the nickel or brass eyelet – see below.

Hole information for Eyelet Binding
All eyelet binding holes which are required to accommodate a regular stationery eyelet are to be 5mm in diameter. If you require a special eyelet you will be informed of the appropriate hole size by our estimators.

Optimum sizes of product requiring eyelet binding
There is no standard size for this but we find that A4 is as big as it gets before the product starts to become cumbersome and unwieldy – and more expensive to produce.

Packing of products with eyelet binding
As with any eyeletted product, damage may occur if rough handling is experienced in transit. This is usually caused by an eyelet rubbing against an adjacent product. We usually stagger or step the swatches in the act of packing so as to try to keep any possible damage to a minimum. We are able to interleave the products but this service IS charged extra.