Whitney Woods 25 years


Tags, Swing Tickets, Luggage Labels, Eyeletting and Stringing

Usually positioned at the head of a single card, one nickel or brass eyelet is added to a tag or ticket to give the product extra strength prior to being strung or whatever. The only stocks that we hold are black or white string; black or white elastic and steel wire. Anything else is a special order.

What we need from you – die cutting, stripping out and all holes cleared
Each piece of your product must be supplied to us as singles - ready die-cut or trimmed to size - and preferably with holes for the eyelets. We require you to supply all pieces stripped of any waste with waste being cleared from all holes. If you don’t do it, we will have to charge you for this time consuming process.

Hole information for tags, swing tickets using brass or nickel eyelets
In many instances there is no need to make a hole in order to eyelet a simple, single tag or swing ticket. The eyelet makes its own hole though this might not always be 100% neat.

If accuracy and neatness is important for the position of the hole then a 4.5mm hole is preferable.
On fancy goods where presentation is paramount, a 5mm hole is preferable

Packing of tags and swing tickets

Tags are usually bundled in 25's using a rubber band and packed in A4 boxes. If rubber banding causes the tags and tickets to bend, we will try looser banding but if you have special requirements, you must tell us.