Whitney Woods 25 years


Promotion Packs  and Promotions House Service – Repackaging and Re-boxing  Promo Packs

We re-package and re-box promotional packs for Promotions Houses creating new promo packs. A gift house might send bulk packed items such as, say, a travel alarm, a pen, a brief case, a toiletries bag and a note pad. In order to get to the components to create the new promotional pack we might then have to remove the products from their bulk packaging, remove all individual product packaging and recycle all waste. We would then pack the clock, toiletries bag, pen and note pad into the briefcase along with any tissue or bubble wrap etc for padding before packing the briefcase into an individual corrugated case to be transported to the blue chip client company as a brand new promotional kit - an incentive travel pack.

We have undertaken many such jobs as well as producing promotional packs and kits for special promotions. A typical example might be a promotional kit that is being produced for a well-known brewery to back up a TV campaign launching a new drink. The campaign might incorporate a series of themed nights in large pubs and the promotional kit would typically contain posters, vouchers, T shirts, baseball hats and beer mats. Just as easily, the kit could be put together for a bank trying to attract new customers. Which ever way you look at it, the job is the same – packing by hand.